Since 2015, 22 Locations has facilitated productions of all sizes for various domestic & international clients. Working as a team, each project has the attention of the entire company. Through the leadership of Toby Cook, 22 Locations is a leading location services company that can facilitate all production needs. 

22 Locations also works as a facilitating production company for small the medium shoots looking t come into the UK from overseas. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate productions of all scopes to achieve their creative vision in the most effective and professional way. We do not believe in cutting corners in any area of our services and will not substitute quality or effectiveness when servicing our clients needs.

Our services in brief

  • Location Management
  • Location Scouting
  • Location Budgeting
  • Production Services
  • Fee negotiations and contracts
  • Site Surveys & Plans
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Liaison with local residents and businesses
  • Parking suspensions
  • Coning & Street clearance
  • Road controls/ closures
  • Traffic management
  • Location Security
  • Crowd control
  • Technical parking permits
  • Crew parking
  • Unit Bases and Unit Management
  • Location protection & re-instatement
  • Health & safety risk assessments
  • Temporary access roads
  • Rubbish clearance
  • Power, Water and Fuel supplies
  • Maps and directions
  • Location Equipment
  • Dining trailers
  • Welfare facilities
  • Equipment hire